our Cultivation

Cultivation is the growing and harvesting of the cannabis plant. By investing in high technology production facilities Captor can ensure the quality, safety, and supply of its recreational and medical cannabis products.

The Hannegan
(State of Washington)

The Hannegan road facility houses approximately 2,200 sq ft cultivation facility located in the State of Washington.

The Hannegan Cultivator

The Hannegan team are known for meticulously fashioning premium quality cannabis by hand in the manner of a ‘craft’ cultivator. The team at this facility work with smaller batches to focus their art form on the enhancement of select qualities which our customers seek.

The team produces 9 proprietary strains to support a wide range of consumers who require different cannabinoid profiles. Recently other cannabis related products, such as tinctures, topicals and lip balms have been developed to support the needs of a more diverse and mature customer base.

Guide Meridian
(State of Washington)

The Guide Meridian facility houses approximately 3,800 sq ft cultivation facility located in the State of Washington.

The Guide Meridian Cultivator

The Meridian team are known for consistently providing a solid, wide assortment of products with a keen focus on the science behind premier cannabis production. The product line capabilities of the cultivation team include not just a typical flower range, but also extract products derived from using the Co2 method.

Through their passion for science the team continuously strive to develop new and efficient extraction methods in order to provide more robust and an environmentally sound production process.

The unique and eclectic products developed at the Guide Meridian facility have consistently been favoured by our younger consumers and have recently been increasing in popularity amongst a wider group of our customers.

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