About Captor Capital

Captor Capital Corp. is a Canadian cannabis company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and Börse Stuttgart stock exchange. The Company follows a strategy of acquiring cash-flowing established companies and organizations with growth potential that require capital to scale.

Captor Capital markets and supplies recreational cannabis products, as well as other high demand cannabis-based goods directly to California consumers through its CHAI Cannabis retail locations and online and delivery networks. Captor currently has a number of revenue generating cannabis assets including CHAI Cannabis Co. dispensaries in Santa Cruz and Monterey, CA, as well as CHAI-branded e-commerce and delivery assets.

Captor Capital possesses a valuable Type 6 non-volatile manufacturing license permitting THC and CBD extraction using solvent such as carbon dioxide. The Type 6 license is bundled with a distribution licence which are held by Mellow Extracts, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Company, based in Costa Mesa, CA, with a launch date to be determined.


Captor has a strong cash-on-hand position to support operations growth and development initiatives, and finance the acquisition pipeline identifying high value opportunities to add to their portfolio of top brands and CHAI dispensary locations.


Captor Capital is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, the OTCQX USA, and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Captor owns and operates advanced growing facilities.


Captor seeks to capitalize upon the combination of its intellectual property and extensive network of industry relationships.

Our technicians have a passion for what they do and are committed to creating new and innovative products for our consumers. By owning and operating our highly sophisticated growing and processing facilities we can ensure the safety and quality of our products from harmful chemicals and other contaminants.

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